wales and charity - input please

    Hi all, i would like as much input as possible with this.
    for spring/summer 2008 i am planning a 'charity two day motorbike endurance tour of Wales'. there will be me, and so far i know two others who want to join me. so if you are a biker...fancy it?
    i live in south wales and haven't really been to many other parts. so, my first question is: where in wales is nice? any towns with funny names? what about good twisty roads? awesome views? places to avoid would be nice to know too.
    my original idea was just a ride around wales over two days, but after thinking about it more, if i am going to ride why do it for the only reason of...because i want to, why not do it for charity and make it a more worth while tour? so it was decided, it should be a charity tour. raise money for the trip (fuel costs) and all other money will go to an agreed charity.
    so my second question is, which charity should that be?
    my cousin is currently supporting 'y bont' which is a school near by for special needs i think (not sure on that though). i considered doing the tour for the same school, becuase her son goes there and she supports it and her husband is one of the 2 others who want to come - she cant say no if its for that charity can she?! Smiley
    but, what other charity to you all think is a good to charity to support?

    thanks for reading this, and if i can get the ball rolling with this, contact the charity, i will plan a route, start finding ways to advertise the event, and possibly even make a website for it so it will all look official and show how much we have raised, planned dates and places to visit etc etc. i'd like to have the whole of wales to support me on this, with bikers joining the tour as we go, and dropping off after a certain times if they wish.

    if you'd be interested in riding, helping plan, donating, any thing. please reply and we can all help to raise money for charity.


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    thanks for that info.
    i will suggest taking the old roads. then plan is to not only do the outskirts of wales, but also the centre. using a zig zag sort of method to do both.
    i will suggest the charity's you suggested to my mate who will be riding this with me and try to create a list of who we could do it for. and then make a choice. ofcourse, it could be any charity. and there is no reason to choose one over the other. just, a decision has to be made and somehow we will have to come to this.

    what is your boss' website about?

    thanks for the help

    Hi Calum, I know a member of a local bikers club in South Wales, so if you want me to find out some info from them.They meet up for rides reg so would know all the good places.Do you have someone to do your web site? My OH does them and im sure he would do yours for your fundraising.Especially if one of your charitys were for cancer as he lost his mother to it as a child.
    Maybe you could do a combined charity. Instead of choosing one, have a few and split the money raised.

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    hi pcnutta.
    if you wouldn't mind asking your friend for good routes to ride i would be grateful. even if they didnt come in useful for this tour, then i'd like to know them to ride another time.
    i can do the website myself, a basic html and css one anyway. i dont know all the advanced stuff like php and things such as that, i have hosting i can use too, the domain is cheap enough i will buy that myself anyway.
    i am considering doing the tour for cancer as i lost my nan to it a few years back so it would be something close to heart for me and all my family.
    i like the idea of splitting the money. perhaps we could do cancer research and a childrens charity, the reason for that is that one of the people on the tour has a son who may be autistic and is only 4 (maybe 3) so that would be close to his heart too.

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    thanks for the links. all of those will be kept in mind.
    the air ambulance could be a good one to do...just incase we have an accident on the way!
    i think we will do two charities, any more than that and we may not get much money raised for them all. some people dont feel that doing a motorbike tour of wales is worthy of donating to, so it may be difficult to get money for more charities. i dont understand this thought though as, the money donated isnt given to the tour, it is given to the charity because we did the tour. otherwise people dont give to charity.
    thanks for your help.

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    thanks for all the advice.
    i was going to let the local newspaper know, didnt know that i'd need to inform councils though. i think planning the route is going to be hardest as it will be a complete guess of where we should go and which roads to take. but im sure it can be done.
    thanks again
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