Wales Rally GB October 2009

    Hi all.

    Was just wondering if anyone has been to the Wales Rally before and can tell me about what it's like. I don't really follow the WRC but thought it might be worth a wee trip to see it since tickets aren't that expensive.

    Only thing is I know next to nothing about what would actually happen when I get there, what I'd actually get to see? I've had a quick search online and all I can find is on the official Wales Rally page, but it doesn't give you too much info on it.

    Any info anyone can give, or at least point me in the right direction wuld be very much appreciated!


    If i'ts anything like the Perth rally in Scotland It'll be an awesome day out. :thumbsup:

    Take a good foldable seat, wrap up warm in case of weather changes. Sun cream if it's a hot day.
    Also a good camera, get some good snaps.

    Original Poster

    Looks really good! I checked for hotel prices and they were over £100, travelodge was about £80pn. Was hopin they would be a bit cheaper as I'm not exactly rolling in it just now. Might plan it for next year instead, or maybe see if I can make it to that Perth rally since that might be a bit closer for me!!

    just stumbled across this one...... a few months later than posted lol
    Rally GB, no need for hotels, just sleep in your car with everyone else. usually a big party in the forests the night before, everyone having fires,beers and fireworks (just be careful with the fireworks if drinking)

    If you are still going then get in touch i might be able to advise you on a few things if you a Rally GB newbie.

    It should be an incredible finale - Loeb, one of the greatest rally drivers ever (if not the greatest) is sitting one point behind Hirvonnen (sp?) who is going for his first rally championship. Unfortunately I can't go


    Unlucky John, this will be my 11th year on the trot and cant wait (even if it has gone down hill)
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