Wales V France... Wales for the Grand Slam?

    Im sat watching the match,currently we ( Wales) are leading 9-3.....
    What are your final predictions? Who do you think will win?

    Im hoping Wales win however i got this gut feeling France are going to steal it by sheer LUCK!! hhehehe

    My prediction is

    Wales 20 France 13

    If France wins it prediction is

    Wales 19 France 21

    Im on the look out for my OH and his family at the match! Whats the likelyhood of seeing them?



    Original Poster

    Make that 9-6 now.......

    wales should do this, should go for gold instead of kicking these penalties

    oh oh 9 - 9

    Come on France, lets kick some welsh a**


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    omg wtf, im blame hook hes missed 2 welsh penaltys!

    come on wales 16-9

    its all over now. well done to the welshys

    Who would have thought at half time of the first game of the tournament that Wales would go on and lift the Grand Slam?

    Well done to them, showed the under achievers of England, France and Ireland just how it's done.

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    YEAHH the boyos brought it home!!

    Im thrilled and feel very proud to be welsh this evening!!

    Cant wait til my OH gets home from the stadium so i can rub it in to him and his FRENCH family! HAHAHAHA

    Original Poster

    haha OH just text me , they dont wanna come home and face my rubbing it in all evening! HAHAHAHAH
    I said i wouldnt (( cough))
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