Walkers New Flavors whats your Fav??

    i have just finished a packet of the builders breakfast crisps which arnt bad but my fav is the squirrel the lady in shop says the most popular is the fish and chips and they cant get stock quick enough

    so i was just wondering what ur fav is?? now they have been around for a good number of weeks


    Only tried Builders and Squirrell....prefer builders.

    tried them all, squirrel and onion baji are my fav

    Builders but i wouldn't but any of them again .....give me a bag of cheese and onion any day

    The one's I have tried were all pretty rank IMO lol

    builders, squirrell and onion.

    Prawn cocktail. thanks.

    I've not tried any of them... they sound vile lol... prob need to get drunk and by the variety pack, prob only time I'll try them

    They are all vial I am sorry to have put my pallet through tasting them all.



    not tried any. They any good?

    i still prefer ready salted anytime
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