Walkers rainy day code

Found 31st Jan 2011

I am looking to do some shopping online and wound really appreciate it if someone would spare a code

thanks looking, kind regards

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I have one for 10% off at either Zavvi or The Hut if you would like it?

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Are there different types of codes avaliable?

I'd take it if you don't mind, could you please pm me it.

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Yeah, have a look at the website, they are the only ones for shopping. If so which one? I have to choose between the two.

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Could I have 'the hut' code please

Sure, I will pm it to you now.

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Sure, I will pm it to you now.

Thanks for that I really appreciate it but it doesn't seem to work??

I can't understand why, I copied and pasted it and I'm sure it's valid until April. Will check again.

I've pm'd you again.
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