Walkers Rainy Days and Sizzling Pub voucher question

    I'm a bit slow to the party with this rainy days thing I know, but does any one know if you can print a voucher for one pub but use it at another?

    I have picked out a pub from the Sizzling Pubs website and it specifically says they accept rainy days vouchers there - but when I log in to my walkers account and try and find them in the list of pubs so I can print off the voucher they are no where to be seen.

    If I print a voucher for a different pub will they accept it, there's nothing ovbious on the printed voucher that says the pubs name but am worried it'll be in the barcode or something and they wont accept it.

    Appreciate it if any one can shed any light, thanks

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    Try emailing the web site, they should know
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