Found 9th Aug 2010
Does anyone have any inside info on whether Aldi/Lidl/Netto are selling walking/hiking boots any time soon?


Have you tried shoe zone?

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Thanks, I didn't think of them. Missus wants some ankle-supporting boots to wear when we're walking the dogs but she's got such diddy feet that she definitely has to try shoes on before buying, i.e. buying from t'internet is pretty much out. I've read that the Aldi boots were really quite good quality for the price, hence my initial question, but we'll try Shoe Zone in the town.

or even sports other half gets walking shoes for cycling in

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Thanks for the Sportsdirect link. I discovered earlier that there's a likely looking place called Shoeworld in Ramsgate, that I didn't even know was there (!), AND there's a Sportsdirect right next door to it! Shows how often I go to Queen's Street.
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