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I think my last 3 pairs of walking shoes have not lasted long enough.
I do a lot of walking, usually on stone pathways or pavements.

I bought a Gelert pair from Sports Direct (£~£25) which lasted 3 months, and then 2 pairs from Mountain Warehouse (£~£35) which lasted 9 months and 6 months.

Where have people bought from where they have lasted years? Would be willing to spend £100 but would rather pay much less.
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Crocs are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn and I have pairs over 5 years old that are still going strong.
SportsDirect? Gelart is their own brand and it's as useless as all their other own/bought brands.

Mountain Warehouse marginally better.

If you are a heavy duty user as you suggest, then you need to look at spending double on decent boots
I walk about 4 miles a day to and from work. I have been wearing skechers go walk since april and they still look like new and are really comfy. I think they cost me £25ish from costco.
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Clarks are good!
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I would recommend Salomon from personal experience. Might be worth a look up
The north face do some good shoes and boots, I’ve been wearing this pair for work for the last year and there still going strong. I walk to and from work in them and on my feet for 9 hours a day while there, 5-6 days a week.
Timberlands. Been wearing various pairs for well over the last decade. I can easily wear a pair 6 days a week and they’ll last 12 - 16 months before the heel has worn down.

Prices range from £90 ish to £200 ish.

Expecting miracles if you’re only spending £35 ish and wanting them to last more than 6 - 9 months. I think you definitely got your monies worth considering price paid.
If you want the boots to last you, up your budget. Under £100 and they are pretty much disposable.
I have a pair of Karrimor I use just for walking/hiking & they are so comfortable that I don’t want to change shoe after but no dirty shoe allowed in car
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