Wall brackets for mounting

    Hi im a little confused i have a 32" tv and want to mount it on the wall, Has anyone got any tips on what brackets to use and whats the best way of going about it please?


    check your TV model out on the internet, some descriptions tell you what bracket it requires.

    i got mine from play and it told me the size i needed.

    think for up to 32" its 200x100 you need?

    not too sure.

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    ok thanks! i did look on the inetrnet but there were so many and i wasnt sure how much they usually cost because some were like £100 and others were like £20 so im assuming that there are different qualities for different prices, i just dont want it falling off the wall or anything if i get a cheap one!!

    i got mine of amazon for £12 and it was for 26 - 40 inches. mine is a 40 inch samsung and the mount is superb, absolute bargain compared to the rip off prices some are charging

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    oh brilliant thanks i wasnt sure if the cheaper ones worked, but ill get a cheaper one now thanks!!:thumbsup:

    i bought mine from a company called "av4home"

    they deliver by courier and the service i received was excellent. apparently the courier company had a temp who stole a few parcels and mines went missing, they replaced it absolutely no problems and i received it next day.

    this is mines here, although i got mines in "piano black" its a cracking mount. it says max 25kg but my stepdad put his full weight on it (upwards of 12 stone) and it didnt budge :thumbsup:

    it also swivels to an angle of choice and extends a good distance. can also sit flush with the wall.

    setting it up was a doddle, instructions are very clear.

    there are only 6 steps to it really.

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    Oh thats brilliant thank you, if you dont mind me asking how much did you pay for yours?

    I can put you in touch with a guy that does these for £60.00 if you collect it from Surrey ? Or he'll post it for about £12 I think. RRP is about £150 - £180

    heres the link ...

    it works out 60 pounds and a few pence delivered…tml

    theres the option of 2 colours, piano black and silver.

    from the description ... "Suitable for LCD/TFT Screens upto 32" and 25Kgs"


    sorry i took so long to reply.
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