Wall chaser - circular, not SDS

Found 9th Jan
Anyone any experience of these tools? I need to replace 10mm c/h pipework buried in the wall with 15mm. Dust is my major concern. I have a powerful Karcher vac to attach.

Anyone looking to sell one?
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Not much experience myself but I was looking into the circular type last year - they look like a good idea. We bought a house which I was having rewired as it was a bit dated and a friend of mine is a sparky so he quoted me for the work agreeing that I could do as much as I could. Basically I was going to do the majority of the chasing out, taking up floorboards, passing cable reels and anything else he'd normally get a labourer to do whilst he was doing the technical bit. I was looking at getting a circular type, doing the job and then selling it in as it was cheaper than renting one and he advised to just use an sds (think he called it a kango - he lent me his one), it's much quicker and he said it made less dust, he said the circular type produce a lot more dust which gets everywhere..

Of course, it's only one person's advice and I'm sure others may not agree. Also, I think the sds probably wrecks the walls a bit more too but if you've got to patch them up anyway it's not much more work.

And using an sds makes to feel like a real builder too lol
Cheap ones will be dusty, a good enclosed blade one with a vacume attached will be OK. See youtube for videos
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