wall mount?

    im after a decent and cheap wall mount for my 37" lcd tv. i dont really know anything about prices and what to look for in wall mounts (not that there should be much) so anybody who could drop some knowledge and maybe some links would be appreciated.




    I bought a wall brackett for my 27" LCD recently. Basically you have 2 options either go for a specific mount for your TV (usually same manufacturer as TV) - these tend to be expensive. Or you go for a universal one. I went for the latter. Was initially going to be one from Amazon but then found a cheap tilting one in Sainsbury. You could try there to see if they have any left in the sale for your size of TV

    You need to also decide whether you want it it to tilt or not. Usually quite easy to fit - they tend to come in 2 parts - one part needs to be screwed into a wall (not a stud wall) and the other screws into the back of the TV. The two then either screw or clip to together. One thing to check on your TV - sometimes the plate which screws into the back of your TV is recessed - if this is the case you may want to get a mount which exactly fits this size. You can tell this if you look at the back of your TV you should see 4 screw holes if they are in a recess area then ideally the plate should fit this size.

    Hope this helps - good luck

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    i'll take all of thatinto consideration, cheers.

    I'm not sure about 37" but I got a wall mount for my 32" from B&Q for £9.99! It's still fixed to the wall so can't be bad, even with my DIY skills!
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