Wall mount for 40" Samsung LCD

    Do any of you kind people know where the best place to get a cheapish wall mount is?

    Also as im a noob to all this, is it better to get a pivotal wall bracket to be able to tilt the LCD both up and down and left and right or will just an up and down motion suffice ?

    any help is very much appreciated :thumbsup:


    Not sure what type you require, suppose it depends on where it is mounted, and what you want to do with it.
    There are quite a few on Microdirect here:-…440
    Not so many on ebuyer, just make sure that its compatible (vesa number) with your screen.
    Obviosly the pivoting arm and tilting all singing and dancing mounts can get V. Expensive.
    Good Luck

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info buddy.

    Im quite happy with it not moving at all, I just have no experience of these things and was looking for opinions on wether a fixed bracket was more than enough or if you ideally need a tilting one or something.

    I take it the vesa number is for reference of the stud pattern on the back of the TV ??

    Also if its wall mounted......what do people do with all the dangly cables ??

    Hiya we just bought a Tilt2 bracket for our 42" LCD from here
    It wasnt cheap but Ive been told that its best to pay a bit more for security as some cheaper models are a little flimsy

    It tilts up and down and side to side and also you can pull the whole unit outwards

    The cables can be pushed into some trunking (the plastic tubing that gets attached to the wall) it now comes in many colours to match your decoration or can be painted with the same colour as your walls.

    The kits usually come with multiple screws and attachments to be compatible with different TV stud patterns.
    Best call them to check before you order that the unit is compatable with your TV

    It really depends on where you will be installing it...ours is on a chimney breast so wires can be hidden in the corners.

    Hope this helps


    I have just finnished my setup

    I dug the plaster out of the wall and put all the wire within, then re-plastered. Looks really good but you have to redecorate.

    I have seen fancy cable tidy's on ebay,, silver and crome etc, cheap-ish.

    Good luck anyway

    Original Poster

    thanks all for your help and info, very much appreciated
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