wallpaper advice needed please??

Found 17th May 2009
our bedroom is old 1930'S weird horse hair latin plaster type walls, they have over the last 5 years slowly crumbled away in small patches, were renting but the landlord wont re plaster, so, its left for us to do.

i have bought some nice wallpaper for the main feature wall, and i was just going to paint the others lilac, but hubby said the walls are that bad if we paint they will look awful, we cant even fill the holes cause the rest crumbles away when we touch it, we can try corking it and sanding the best we can, we cant afford to replaster.
we could always use lining paper, but even then it will look awful from the wonky bumpy walls.

anyway my point here is, hubby thinks we should wallpaper the opposite wall to the feate=ure wall too, as there the worst walls, the thing is, the walls have alcoves in them ect and go around corners if you get me, and i thought feature walls were just either a straight wall, or a chimny type one?

i feel so lost, dont want it looking too much but dont want it lookinf awful with the paint. please please help me, i am so lost
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Trouble with these old walls are that as soon as you start wallpapering more plaster comes off.. I had to get mine skimmed in the end but it was so worth it and made the job much easier..
There must be someway of getting the landlord to plaster surely it's his responsibility not yours
Surely your landlord would have to do it if a bit more crumbled away? And then a bit more, and a bit more etc.
Complain that the plaster dust is affecting your chest he would have to do something then I would think.
surely its in your rental contract that the landlord has to do/pay for the work.
Lining paper is the way to go if you have bad surfaced walls.The lining will hold the walls together and help smooth the surface. You cross-line it by the way .........not coving to skirting board..Prepare the walls first , chip off any loose old plaster and fill any holes with a cheap filler , artex is ideal to use because it is easily sanded if you've left any proud .Glue size the walls with lap or thinned paste ,leave to dry and cross line your walls with a thick grade lining paper , maybe 1000 ,1200 ,or higher .Leave to dry then you can paper in the traditional way ....top to bottom or paint with emulsion .
how badly damaaged is the plaster, I've seen lining paper in Homebase called walldoctor but its expensive, might do the trick?
THANKYOU ALL FOR THE ADVICE, THE LANDLORD NEVER (oops caps on) gets back to us, so we called cab and they told us the procedures, send letter tell them they have 6 weeks to replyl, then another 14 or so after then so many months to get it done, so we decided to do that aboput the moult growth upstairs but we decided to try at the filling and wallpaper and it went very well, better than i thought, i didnt want to wait any longer for the room to be decorated, no 4 months or so anyway,lol.
thanks for all your advice x x x
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