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Found 22nd Aug 2017

I need to replace about 1m2 of wallpaper (2 strips no pattern) which will be painted over at a later date. As i have a tub of PVA glue could i use this to hang the wallpaper instead of buying and wasting a box of wallpaper paste. Paper has a backing paper and will go straight onto the old plaster wall which i have also covered in PVA.

Thanks for the advice...
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You can pick a pack of paste up for pennies (try saying that when you've had a few!!) so personally I would do this, also likely to be easier to spread on the paper than the glue.
Yeah you can use pva glue to hang it, it holds quite strong but it's a nightmare. Repositioning for minor tweaks while it's on the wall just isn't easy. Then removing it in later years would be tough too. It's possible but I really wouldn't, if you have to make sure you water the glue down a bit.
Flour & Water maybe ?
wall paper paste has a fungicide to reduce mold growth, its probably worth buying some even from the pound shop, you could always mix just a small amount
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I've used paste from Poundland and it's been fine, it's only small bag so you won't have loads left over either. I actually got some solvite paste from there too, when I checked the price elsewhere it was £2.48 for the same size packet! Check the local poundshops first otherwise you might regret the pva further down the line
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