wallpaper for one wall!

    hi all

    looking for wallpaper online , however it is for just one wall in my mums bedroom , how is quality determined e.t.c? can it be bought for just one wall?

    thanks for any help cant find much on previous threads


    how wide is the wall? generally allow 4 drops per roll

    it depends if it's patterned or not. Also the size of the wall, homebase do an estimator if you know the size as a rough idea a standard bedroom wall will take anything between 2 &4 rolls of paper depending on the wastage from the pattern, less if it's plain. Most shops now allow you to return unused rolls if you have the reciept


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    yes she wants something patterned its a fairly large wall but nothing extreme

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    thanks btw


    Try this website:-

    hope this helps,

    approx 10m on a roll, small patterns usually 4 lengths bigger 3 huge two. the finer the wallpaper the harder to hang. dark backgrounds harder to fit than lighter as they can show white between the sheets. generally you get the quality you pay for. bnq usually have an interior designer in the bigger stores who can help if you bring the wall size with you. would advise you to get samples from there too and stick to wall as they can look way different in home light and in room not so large as those warehouses.
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