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hi all,my first post,so dont know if right place to put this but here goes.

i am with wanadoo broadband,now owned by orange,i ahve broadband at £17.99 for 1mb, yes i know its not the fastest but does me fine.orange and a lot of other companies now offer broadband at reduced price,so i have been getting a wee bit miffed at no offer from orange as there cheapest is now £14.99 for 2mb speed,what an insult i think,but i also use broadband for my business so not so easy to switch,never had complaint about service anyway,been really good.well the time had come to phone orange and ask what was on offer,the woman could only offer £19.99 package,nothing else for being existing customer 3 years,not happy i asked to cancel contract,not that i would have,she said would put me thru to cancellation dept,got thru and guy asked what i was wanting to stay with them,speed or cheaper price.cheaper price for me,so he duly tells me i can now get for.......£12.99 and 2mb thrown in,i cant grumble and am a happy man,just thought i would pass this on if anyone else on same package as i was,thanks for listening


Welcometo HUKD lowzer.

Thanks for passing on your experience. There is so much competition between mobile 'phone companies (and broadband too) that it's always a good idea to threaten to jump ship to get a better deal.:thumbsup:

Fair play to ya. I work in the Orange shop (i shot the sheriff not the dept). Glad you got sorted mate. Not trying to get a sale out of ya or anythin but you do know that you can get free broadband when you spend 30+ on your phone with orange? Just in case no one has told you

Without wanting to be rude or gloat you can get that 2mb Broadband start package for free or 8mb unlimited for a fiver a month:


Very true!!!

Original Poster

yeah ok,know the deals,but i am stuck on t mobile contract

My orange phone is my business phone which i have redirected to my normal phone half the time, so long as you remember your cashbacks and keep all paperwork and of course do not mind the extra £30/month until the cashback comes, it's worth it...

I suspect, but cannot confirm, that months into any orange contract youcan pac in a number onto that contract (which you cannot do on o2 or vodafone)
Three I know for sure allow this.

i've got orange broadband unlimited (no limits at all) for £17.99.

Was paying £27.99 since the freeserve then wanadoo days, and said it was OTT, they lowered the tarriff no questions asked. It's 2Mb as we aren't capable of getting 8Mb, but service is fine.
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