Want: 48-hour xbox live trial. Will give £2 off HMV voucher!!!

    Mates round in a bit and would love a bit of online play. £2 off HMV voucher for anyone who has a 48 hour or more trial!! Thanks so much and will be repped.

    Edit: If you have one, and want me to hold it off for you while you type the 48-hour trial code, just reply and I will do so


    I've got a code you can have.

    Original Poster


    I've got a code you can have.

    Ok thanks! I have the £2 code ready

    Sent code over in private message.

    Original Poster


    Sent code over in private message.

    Replied with £2 off HMV code. Thanks mate, can be expired + spammed


    Thread closed as per OP request. Thanks.

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