Want a top CD/MP3 player for my car

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Found 5th Nov 2006
As thread title, I've been looking at all the obvious places such as CarAudioSecurity and so on but I can't seem to find any better deals out there.

The brands I'm focusing on are Alpine and Pioneer. The Pioneer that I want is £300 mark and I have a budget of arounds £150 or maybe more if the deal is sweeter for a better model. Ebay isn't helping much.

People of HDUK. Please help me! :-D

Mucho appreciated as usual!

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Not sure what model you wanted but this looks like a good one from pixmania.co.uk for under £150. check it out, there are a few other ones on there as well. They also do deals for extra accesories that you might need. hope this helps


Dont forget Quidco for 2% back
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