Want a TV

    Hi Guys

    Right the time has come to buy myself a tv for my room.

    I have room for a 42" with the possible of a 46", i dont quite think a 50" would fit.
    This TV I would like to be up to date, and have a 5 year warranty(this is a must).

    I want it to be a min of 42" plus when I move out, This will be the TV that will be in the lounge, So i want it to look good, be a great picture.

    I'm into my dvd's big style, gaming 360/ps3 also.

    Budget of around £500, £600 at a push.

    Let me know whats out there



    Anything by Panasonic or Samsung, I suggest you check the John Lewis website, as I understand they do a 5 year warranty as standard! Once you have found two or three check out the what hifi sound and vision forums for some genuine feedback.

    you have this i know its a bit smaller than you wanted and dont know if you even wanted freesat but seems a good deal…1-4
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