Want Cheap Good Mp3/4 Player

Found 12th Nov 2007
Looking for a cheap good mp3/4 player any suggestions
Price pref under £60, pref be able to play videos if possible mp4 format.
Must look good and be small.

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i have been looking for the same.

I have come across this which looks pretty good for the money



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love first one dont like second one tbh any more?

I have a sumvision Kpac and it is absolutely fantastic!!! has 2gb built in + 2gb SD card.
I also have a sumvision DVD player and it is brilliant too plays everything i throw at it!
anyway what i'm trying to say is that Sumvision make good stuff.

Are you interested in those ipod lookalikes? They go for dirt cheap, but would have issues with manufacturer warranties etc as most of them are made in china by little known companies.

ive been thinking about getting this one ebuyer.com/pro…647

£55 4gb

looks pretty good - has excellent reviews.

Better quality - prices for different versions very volatile on Amazon...


+ 4gb Sansa e260 £49.99...

i was considering the sansa e260 but reading the reviews quite a few people had problems with the phone jack ballsing up, having to get them replaced.
and the screen isnt as big as the sumvision.
its between them two for me though


ive been thinking about getting this one … ive been thinking about getting this one ]http://www.ebuyer.com/product/128647£55 4gb

Looking at those earphones - you'll probably need to replace them to get any decent quality sound off the player... Better of buying something like this below: saves you 20quid and buying a pair of earphones. These have good reviews as well

] http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/11mO4KAdSyL._AA115_.jpg
]Creative Zen Stone Plus 2GB MP3 Player - Black

thanks for the advice but...
only 2gb, the 4gb is £70
it doesnt play video

the earphones on the sumvision are said to be quite good in the review.
and i already have my own anyway.

so overall no saving of £20

I've had a couple of the pictured sumvision sempras, unfortunately "couple" was due to sturdiness issues.

If you are gentler on your gadgets than me (Im not particularly) then it'd make a nice buy: particulalrly because the video format they play is XVID rather than the crummy AMV format used by most others.

If you need something more hardwearing, several retailers have recently had some refurbished samsung players in stock: - unrefurbished theyre damn pricey, are solid, have a touchpad, have a great interface and have a whopping battery life. (note: no video)

ebuyer currently have some in

possibly in other capacities as well

I got mine from Morgan in the Spring and have been happy ever since.
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