Want new internal doors and/or handles

Found 8th Mar 2009
Anyone got any ideas?

First, I'll give the situation...

Downstairs, we have 2 doors. One with 4 panels, one plain, both with silver handles.
Upstairs, we have 3 doors. All are plain doors, all have brass handles.
We also have 2 additional doors upstairs, both plain, but are both cupboards, so only need a left-handed handle each (or a new door, and the just get pull handles for them)

So, first of all, where can we find cheap handles? Easier than replacing the doors...

Failing that, if we DID buy new doors, what would that mean for fitting new handles? The ones I saw at B&Q had no holes ready for handles. Is this easy?

I've had a look at some handles in B&Q and Homebase, but they're all £15+!
Doors in B&Q are £18 (for this one): diy.com/diy…l=1

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I was quoted £60 to fit a door with handles i would say its not a easy job when it comes to handles and fitting ?
I bought a set of 8x Crome handle sets including one bathroom set with lock for about £40 from Ebay. There were loads on there but have a read through the feedback as some sellers seem to be selling cheap rubbish.

We have had ours for 3 years and still looking good and doing their job.

Thanks Waterloo and Masmit.

I'll just fit new handles then
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