WANT o2 ORBIT (new o2 pda)

    Hi all

    Am after the brand new o2 Orbit phone, just came out a week ago from o2. If anybody come across one let me know.

    Check this site out for phone info..]http//ww…830

    Many Thanks



    Hi mate, the phone looks pretty slick! I've just ordered the T-mobile MDA Compact III as an upgrade, which is pretty much the same thing (as the HTC Artermis/HTC p3300, but different body), but am annoyed cause i think T-mobile has somehow got rid of the WiFi on it! (but apparently there its a software thing, so can easily be recovered)

    The Orbits don't seem to be established on eBay yet, but people are asking £300-£400!!!!! :O

    I wasn't going to keep the Compact III (i have an N73 that does all that I want), so if you're interested...

    Take care,


    Ooh yes I'm also interested in getting an Orbit too. I expect I'll have to wait as I'm only 5 months into my O2 contract.

    How does the N73 compare with the MDA? I know the Orbit has a built in GPS.
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