want some views opinions on an impulse purchase i just made, dnt no if its good deal r not!

    just bought this little item.... i bought it mostly for the alarm and the charging for my ipod, got it for £14 inc free deliv using a code from Littlewoods for existing customers ZQ563



    seems alrite for price...but you get what you pay for. I got ipod speakers the other day for my sis bday..and her bf got her sum aswell. he paid a bit more than what i paid and the sound quality was so much more better. I guess its what your after tho?? and if thats what ur after than so be it.....

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    thanks, yea i only want this as a bedside alarm really, because im going to be buying a new hi-fi soon as the old one is broke, i want to get a cd hi fi that also docks an ipod, dont think ill get one under 100 of what ive seen so far. my old hi fi was pretty good it was a daewoo 3 cd changer with sub woofer but every cd i put into it, it starts skipping and freezing after playing just once, ive been using my dvd player for playing cds, lame!
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