Want to assemble a PC, and I need help!

    Hey all,

    I plan on assembling a desktop for my mum and would need some help as I don't know what to buy. My budget is about £300 - £400

    The desktop will be used for loads of photoshop work, and also my mum tends to leave many tabs and applications open at the same time so probably loads of memory. I would also like the desktop to run cool and quitely.

    Thanks in advance


    Give this a try:…057

    If it is to be use for loads of photoshop work, you may also like to purchase a Radeon HD 6850 that appears to be in the budget of around £80 judging by the recent posts here.

    Feedback is welcome from others, wouldn't want to be giving you a bum steer so to speak...

    Original Poster

    Thanks, so I don't need to go for an i5 processor? As this CPU appears to be 3 times cheaper.
    And what about motherboard, as it doesn't specify what it is.

    From my understanding it is a matx with 2 RAM slots (don't know the model of it). You could by all means go for an i5 but as you said would be 3 times more expensive. I don't use photoshop therefore would also like feedback from others on suggestions for you. From reading, depending on your version of Photoshop, the priorities are:

    RAM > CPU > GPU

    So maybe my suggestion of the Radeon 6850 may have been pointless :s

    I used photoshop on an intel core duo and it ran perfect,
    I am now running an intel core i7 2nd gen. And it does run better but you cant notice a difference on photoshop alone, but if you do have alot of things open i would go with an i5 or i7

    photoshop cs6 has massively improved GPU acceleration so things have changed quite a bit…

    IMO: CPU > GPU > RAM

    and more than 4GB of ram is pointless. As a graphic designer, i'd say that if you're planning to use anything CS4+:
    - go for a base i5 (2300), above that (even i7) makes little difference on PS due to all having quad cores
    - go for a moderate GPU (6850 is a good option considering its drop in price lately)
    - get some decent ram (memory isn't everything, check the latency!)

    that should help you stay within your price range...


    Nowadays it is cheaper just to buy a pre-built PC, thanks to our good friend economics of scale.

    Aye the zoostorms would be sufficent for just using photoshop, we had much worse computers at college for digital photography.

    Had much better while doing Computer Game Design degree though, which did make effects and layers apply much faster. (not that we used them them much).
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