Want to buy a bike for my 8 year old girl?

Any advice on a decent bike at a great value price for my 8 year old daughter? Think the wheel size should be around 24". Just looking for a bike to ride up and down our street or in the park on. So any advice on what sort of features I should be looking for and where to buy it from will be greatfully received.



hey there mate,
you dont realy need much features, i say take your daughter to toys r us, used to work there, they got a few bikes which should attract your little girl easily!
as long as the bike looks good, thats all they care about! oh and make sure your daughters feet can touch the floor from the seat otherwise you'll end up with a bike which is too big for her, unless you her to use it whens shes older!

halfords, jjb sports, argos,

hope anything i said was helpful!

also amazon has a sale on bikes and a lot have free delivery on worth a look

Title kinda suggests you are looking to trade a bike for an 8 year old lol



Title kinda suggests you are looking to trade a bike for an 8 year old lol

Haha..just realized that!
..Pedo!! joking!

Original Poster

Change the title now so it does not sound (as much) that I want to swap my 8 year old for a bike (well not today anyways).

Thanks for the advance folks.
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