Want to buy a gaming pc

    pretty much my pay came thru today and i have 300 quid to put towards a new computer

    now the one i originally wanted was this one:…=23

    However its expired.
    so im looking for a computer than can handle Age of conan.
    graphics card not included in price. i have monitor also.

    so i need it to have over 3 gb of ram and a nice Hard drive. and be able to fit an NVDIA 8000gt?
    so i think it needs PCI -E slots.

    as u can probably tell i know sod all about computers.
    so any good dealss please :)?
    rep will be given.


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    specs for Age of conan

    OS: Windows Vista/XP
    Processor: 3GHz Pentium IV
    RAM: 1GB RAM
    Video Card: Shader Model 2.0 and 128MB RAM: NVIDIA GeForce 5800 or ATI 9800

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz (E6600) or better
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7950GX2 or better
    RAM: 2GB or more

    Enhanced for: DirectX 10, 64-bit processors, multi-core
    Supports Parental Controls on Windows Vista

    The game can also be played on DirectX 9 under Windows XP.

    considering your budget i would try and stick with the vostro range as thats about the best value, the 400 or 410. however make sure you check the power requirements of the graphics card you want to buy as i think the vostros only have a 300w psu

    I would recommend not buying a dell if you are planning to upgrade it in the future...they make things very difficult for you.

    could you not build your own? If you have a copy of windows around it should be do able for £300ish. Check out ebuyer for some prices, this way at least you know you won't be getting completely ****** components.

    Edit: since when has c.r.a.p.p.y been an offensive word?

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    hmmm would it be cheaper to make my own? cos the components look fairy high quality in the dell?
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