Want to buy new PC within next couple of weeks, Help wanted.

Right, I had my eyes set on probably buying this computer that was posted here at HUKD... and then upgrading certain components such as RAM and Graphics card.


But...... it seems the offer has now ended and price is near on £100+ more than offer price now.

ANy similar deals about at the moment? Deals that would compare to that one..? Think I saw a dual care posted here with a 8800 GT quite cheap. BUt ideally wanted to go Quad Core for futuree lol.

Any replies would be helpful.

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As it's Dell, the price will almost certainly come down again in the next few weeks. Just keep an eye on the Dell site.

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Had a quick look through there....

n cheapest can find is....... Price incl. VAT excl. del: £490.60 - for a similar spec. 415 before VAT.

No good deals on the main DELL site currently?

buy a barebones from ebuyer, stick a procesor in, some ram, and a HDD and grab the 69.99 8800 from super saver you could build a pretty good computer with change for £220

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^^ I dont just want a pretty good computer though.

Looking to go Quad Core. And processor alone would cost £130 odd... Plus then having to build it yourself. Im looking to get processor, some 800Mhz Ram... and a decent size hard drivee... with the computer I buy. Then be able to upgrade Ram myself and possibly get a graphics card.

I advise you to buy from Dell....or go PC World and see if you can haggle a price on any COMPAQ computer and nothing else

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I am planning to buy from Dell, just wondering if anyone knows of any deals that matchh the one that appears to be expired now.

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Nice find Emasu, that looks pretty close, it comes to same price but with only 1gb 667Mhz Ram and lacking graphics card, but as im planning to upgrade the card anyway, doesnt matter all too much.

Chepeast price for 2 x 2gb 800Mhz RAM? Crucial or something?

Thanks for help so far Emasu, you seem like the computer guru round here lol

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Why would you go for 4 x 1gb mate?

I could upgrade the dell to 2gb and add another 2 x 1gb... then all 4 slots would be taken right?

or could upgrade to 2gb (2 x 1gb) with dell.... then get 2 x 2gb and have total of 6gb ram....

Which at moment would be pointless as OS only uses 4gig roughly?


The timings are better for the 4X1Gb (4-4-4-12) as opposed to the 2x2GB. There might be compatability issues if you keep the dell ram as the dell ones are 667mhz whereas the corsairs are 800mhz

I'd just get the 2x1gb corsair, sell the dell and upgrade to more when you really need it.

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Yeh was gonna upgrade to 2gb ( 2 x 1gb) of 800Mhz Dell........ But...... that upgrade costs £30, so might aswell just buy 2gig of corsair and replace the 1gb completely...

That would be a better idea wouldnt it? The timings make alot of difference? Because sole reason I was gonna go for 2 x 2gb would have been to leave free slots for future upgradeability.

And I imagine Dell power supply that comes with this system wouldnt be able to cope with the 512mb PNY 8800GT?

Cheers for all help so far matee, will give some Rep.


Yep in that case if you want more than 4GB get rid of the dell stuff and buy the 2X2GB. I'm not sure whether the inspiron power supplies come with 6pin PCI-e adapters but you can always buy them. The 8800GT this weekend is only £102 aswell :thumbsup:

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Ah cool.

I will get the 2x2gb ram probably and that system..... then think about the graphics card after, as only got about £400 spare cash at mo... which works out about right for system and the RAM.

Do you reckon I should upgrade to 500gb Hard Drive with Dell, or just take the 320gb and then upgrading to a 500gb Spinpoint F1 would only be £43 or something...... upgrade cost from 320 to 500 with dell £30. So might aswell just get 320 right?


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Ordered the system you linked me to.... £339

Quad Core.
1Gb 667 Mhz Ram (to be replaced with 4gb Corsair - 2 x 2gb 800Mhz DHX) = £61
320GB Hard Drive
19in1 Card Reader

£400 Total.

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