Want to buy Samsung 40" LE40A656AIFXXV

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Found 26th May 2008
Can anyone please help me as I really want to buy this LCD TV and I am no good at finding discounts. Anyone have any great ideas of how I can get this cost down ? Thank you x


I would stay away from Samung brand,as they are not good for LCDs. Look for Panasonic (number 1 in TVs) or Sony. But if you want it cheap,go for some kind like Teco or similar,they have samsung panels,cheaper a lot then LG or Samsung brands with same quality.

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Thanks for your help I really really appreciate it. Is there anyway that you can explain to me a bit more why Samsung are not the best for LCD's? I am not sure now as I really want a Sony and My twin sis wants this one so I have a lot of convincing to do. Thanks again x

Samsung certainly seems to have a good reputation on a lot of the professional review sites.



Here at Which? we've seen a TV or two in our time. After a while you get to learn the little foibles of the manufacturers - and the things they are great at. In this report we detail what we have learned about each manufacturer over time. To help you make a choice on which brand you can trust we have also added in the average score they get from our tests, how many Best Buys they have been awarded and the brand reliability

The information is based on models tested in 2007 that are still available for purchase.

Average score: 46% Best Buys: zero from 6

Brand reliability: no data available
Hitachi 0870 415 4405
Hitachi manufacture both LCD and plasma TVs.

We generally found the sets we've tested to be fairly mediocre and our ease-of-use experts rarely find many positive things to say. On the plus side some models tend to offer extras like motorised stands or complete wall-mounting kits – which could save you a few hundred pounds if you want to hang your telly on the wall.

Average score: 46% Best Buys: 0 from 7

Brand reliability: no data available
JVC 0870 330 5000

JVC concentrate mainly on LCD and seem to have abandoned plasma technology in favour of their hybrid rear projection HD-ILA sets. They've had a couple of successes and the HD-ILA model featured some of the best sound quality we've heard from a TV.

However, JVC failed to take any strides forward in the last year and their 2007 range of TVs have been a huge disappointment. Both sound and standard definition pictures are a let down. Like many of the sets we test usability seems to be a bit of an afterthought and our experts find them generally tricky to use.

Average score: 52% Best Buys: 1 from 13

Brand reliability: Average
LG 0870 873 5454
LG make fairly mediocre LCD and plasma TVs and have struggled to match both the picture and sound quality of the best sets available. However, there have been some definite signs of improvement in 2007, especially in terms of picture quality - resulting in their first flat-panel Best Buy. Many of their sets boast features like light sensors, plus their TVs tend to be more affordable than most.

Our ease-of-use experts usually find them fairly intuitive to use but moans about poorly laid out remote controls and the transparency of on-screen menus persist.

Average score: 72% Best Buys: 13 out of 14

Brand reliability: Average
Panasonic 0870 535 7357
Panasonic just keep getting better and better. Their 2007 range raised the quality bar for flat-panel TVs yet again. They currently offer the best LCD and plasma TVs we have ever tested. Admittedly they tend to be pricier than some of the competition but it’s hard to fault most of the models we've tested. Their current Best Buy hit rate is phenomenal.

They are easier to use and more energy efficient than most other brands and offer a good level of functionality (including memory card slots on top end ranges). However, it's picture quality that usually stands Panasonic out from the crowd – be it standard or high definition.

The Panasonic LCD range seem to have the picture quality edge on the plasma TVs at the moment. Interestingly we've found high standards across their entire LCD range - with the entry level sets scoring just as highly as the top of the range models. For the sake of a few extra sockets and fancy features you could save yourself hundreds of pounds without skimping on picture or sound quality. 2008 promises new 37-inch LCD models and sets with built-in Freesat receivers.

Average score: 53% Best Buys: zero from 10

Brand reliability: Good
Samsung 0870 242 0303

Samsung make both LCD and plasma sets but we've been disappointed with their efforts over the past couple of years. Picture quality has improved of late but can often still teeter on the wrong side of mediocre.

But it is sound quality we're usually most disappointed with and Samsung TVs have struggled to soothe the ears of our exacting listening panel.

On the plus side their sets are normally cheaper than the average Sony or Panasonic, do tend to have lots of nice features (USB sockets, media card slots) and with a chic shiny black finish they're usually some of the best looking.

We normally find them fairly intuitive to use but our ergonomics team usually have a good moan about the cluttered over-sized remote controls. However, if you're looking for a TV to principally use as a PC monitor a Samsung are one of the best and perform consistently well in our PC tests.

Average score: 56.9% Best Buys: 4 out of 14

Brand reliability: Good
Sony 0870 511 1999

Sony have pulled out of the plasma market and instead concentrate on LCD TVs. Their current Bravia range boasts some decent LCD TVs and their most recent 32-inch Best Buy comes with an affordable sub £500 price tag and decent picture quality.

But Panasonic beat Sony to the accolade of TV manufacturer of choice thanks largely to the picture performance when watching standard definition images.

Ranges tend to be well-featured and overall we find Sony produce some of the most energy-efficient models available. However, Sony TVs tend to be pricier than most and although usually fairly intuitive to use the Sony menu system is not always as logically laid out as it should be.

Average score: 55% Best Buys: 4 out of 12

Brand reliability: no data available

Toshiba 0870 442 4424

Toshiba enjoyed a mixture of hits and misses in 2007 - scoring some notable Best Buy awards but also failing to impress with their picture-frame series. They concentrate on LCD TVs and seem to have abandoned plasma technology. They haven't quite reached the heights or consistency of Panasonic but are seriously threatening Sony's position near the top.

Usability seems OK and Toshiba usually supply a nicely laid out remote control. However, we often find their EPG and on-screen menus a tad unresponsive.
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