Want to buy this Toshiba Laptop from Ebay ??

Hi im interested in buying this laptop, what do you guys think, you think the guy is legit or not, im not sure, need laptop before i start uni in 3 weeks.:)

No direct ebay links allowed on HUKD sorry.

You may post the item number. Item number: 290154367825


hes got buyer protection so why not?

thought ebay links weren't allowed?

anyway, looks dodgy - based in Gateshead, says he's a USA member but auction ships to USA only?

veeeeeeeeeeeeery dodgy. most likely a hacked account. 400GB hd in a laptop? is that even possible?

its quite cheap actually... but careful when u buy these stuff on ebay.. could be con deal.. just looked at what laptop he might be selling and it does have 400gb. its got 2 - 200gb hard disks.
( dabs.com/Pro…h=1 )

I wouldn't trust it, specs are far too high for that price, come on "HD DVD-ROM / DVD ReWriter MultiDrive" They cost about 1/4 of the price of the laptop! Plus it says "await invoice" which I would assume will be asking you to do bank transfer which also means you'd not have any buyer protection...

Why is it in $?
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