want to change from vista to xp

    if I was to buy a second hand xp disc would this work? guy says I need to phone up and ask for a new product key?? I know I would need to install drivers etc but how would I do that is it simple, thanks in advance



    If you buy a second hand xp disk with no COA or licence then its worthless. you cant just ring Microsoft for a new key.

    you need an XP cd (doesn't have to be an original) and an XP key (thats the bit that does have to be original!).

    you'd be best off buying an OEM copy of windows xp and doing a full system re-install. i.e. boot from the XP cd, format your hard drive (erasing everything on it, so backup first) and installing XP. this is pretty straight forward.

    you may need drivers for your hardware. if you have a manufactured pc such as Dell, Fujitsu siemens etc, these should be on a disc that came with your computer or on the manufacturers website.

    not too sure if this is the best price for XP home OEM, but this is the sort of thing you need:…048

    alternatively someone may have a CD key the want to sell in the forums. you can use a cd-r copy of windows xp to install, there is nothing wrong or illegitimate about that if your cd key is genuine.
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