want to get a 1060 graphics card.

    hi. I currently have a fx 6100 overclocked to 4.2 GHz and a 650 ti. if I get the 1060 will it bottleneck with my CPU?


    It's more complicated than you think, not only is the CPU/GPU a factor the Mobo/chipset is as well.

    While there is no doubt that you will see a vast improvement with a 1060, you aren't going to see as much performance from the card as someone using mid range architecture from the last 2 years.

    This is an old post and its a shame they didn't do this for each new generation but it demonstrates the principle...…ion
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    Now theres benchmarking I'd love to see more of. It would make choice of upgrade so much easier. I've and amd 8350 coupled with a 280 and I'm not sure what to do this year. Get a new motherboard and processor or just upgrade my graphics card.
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    I have a 1060 using a i3 4170 and so far only 4gb of Ram. I've only tried three games so far(FIFA 17, GTA IV and Shadow of Mordor) but all I was able to play on Ultra at 1080p and get 60fps. Ram gets close to maxed out, at over 90%. CPU gets to around 70% and GPU has only ever hit around 30%.

    I've no idea of I'm doing something wrong or if there's a huge bottleneck but I'm able to play all the games I've tried so far with no issues.

    My next upgrade is my ram to 8gb, 12gb if my current ram and the new stick play nice. Then a better monitor. I guess I'll need a better CPU next.
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