Want to get into vaping

Posted 3rd Sep 2022
Dear Friends!

I am looking for your wisdom and knowledge as I am absolutely clueless (in general in life, not just when it comes to vaping, tbh!)

Anyhow... I am looking to stop the expensive habit of smoking, and I've been a vanilla guy myself with the ordinary ciggies here and there, so I have no idea what to opt for.

What's the best place to get the best vapes, is there a preferred online shop to recommend with decent value prices and good quality? Or is it best to go out into the city and buy it there?

Looking for any and all suggestions... thank you!
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  1. TyroneH's avatar
    Every time you want a cigarette light it and put it in your mouth the wrong way , a few burns your brain will soon hate smoking ..
    TyroneH's avatar
    It’s obviously an addiction and mental challenge , pain is the biggest reactor and your brain will always remember ..
  2. Hotspur's avatar
    Best advice. Quit smoking altogether
  3. innocent's avatar
    Don't do it.
  4. louloupop02's avatar
    Well… 3 weeks tomorrow cigarette free for me!
    It’s taken will power for sure & twice I’ve been close to buying a packet of smokes!
    Instead in desperate need I opted for a vuse go £6 disposable vape had such a headache first day of using it.

    I kinda felt bad buying it as felt was still feeding the habit however it’s helped & I’ve not lit up!
    all this negative vaping is bad, yes it may be but smoking is far worse & has helped me quit so far. I do hope to stop vaping too & I’ve not really used it like I would of smoked.

    Perhaps try a disposable first see if you like it
  5. aLV426's avatar
    I would advise against it, there is no such thing as "good quality" you are breathing in glycerol and any amount of other substances, nothing there is going to be good for your health...
  6. Impoor's avatar
    Try nicotine patches/gum/lozenges first. I find lozenges were the most helpful. If none of those work then try vaping as a last option.

    I had a vaporesso vape and it was quite good. Start with 12mg liquid and go down a strength every 2 months until you're on 3mg, then try and build up the time between using it and switch to 0mg nicotine when you're ready, after a while on 0mg you should be able to just stop using it fairly easily as it's no longer a chemical addiction.

    Also do not vape indoors because it becomes too easy and you'll be on it constantly.

    Good luck
  7. bigwheels's avatar
    The other half switched to vaping from 25-30 a day.
    Got a very large mod with a 5000mah battery.
    Lasts for days.
    she only likes 88 vape menthol chill.
    Ordered online we pay 65p per 10ml bottle.
    240 bottles at a time, that does for a year.
    She has never wanted a cigarette since the first day she vaped.
    8 plus years, and 25k saving.

  8. SassyTheeSasquatch's avatar
    You thought about giving up ?
    You'd save a ton of cash.
    I fully expect the government to give vapes the same treatment as cigs and backy in the next few years with the packaging required to be non descript, the marketing and design for things like elf bars is quite obviously attractive for kids, the e waste of those things is shocking.

    Remember when these things first came out, and the schpiel was that it's a aid to give up smoking?

    What a load of nonsense that turned out to be. (edited)
  9. yorkie12's avatar
    If you must I'd take advise from a local vape shop rather than start online. They'll explain the difference between the different eCigs , liquids and coils. It will cost you though to get set up , probably the best part of £100 for descent vape , spare batteries , coils and liquid. After the initial lay out running costs will be relatively cheap. OH been vaping for about 6 years and is addicted to it as much as she was smoking. Never goes out without spare batteries and liquid. Save money though , she now pays for the diesel for the car from what she saves and still has money left over.
  10. JHD007's avatar
    As others have said maybe try not to take up vaping at all if you can HOWEVER back on topic OP I would look to try a day vape or ‘ all day vape ‘ initially to see how you get on with it.

    You will probably cough your head off at first but persevere and you’ll soon be off them ciggies and vaping your head off all day long
  11. Westwoodo's avatar
    Try to stop first and see how you get on with that, if you can't then vaping is an option.
  12. _-Richie-_'s avatar
    After trying all the options to ditch the cigs, I switched to vaping around 8 years ago, saved a fortune over the years.
    I use a Geekvape L200, the dual batteries last a full day at work and it feels like a cig when inhaling.

    For my vape juice (E liquid) I've used e-cigclouds.co.uk/ for the last 6 years, I order monthly and never had any issues with any order.
  13. SassyTheeSasquatch's avatar
    Yes, let's get the NHS to endorse and encourage transition for customers over to our new products, by telling them it's a "aid"

    Il give them this, it's genius marketing. (edited)
  14. Azwipe's avatar
    Don't do it. I turned to vaping 10 years ago and ended in hospital at deaths door with bacterial pneumonia. The NHS recommending vaping is a disgrace and the UK is an outlier, most countries acknowledge the serious health risks associated with vaping.
    SassyTheeSasquatch's avatar
    I'm sorry to hear that, hope everything is ok now.
    I agree that the NHS endorsement Is disgusting.
  15. LadiesMan2I7's avatar
    Can definitely recommend 88 Vape like "big wheels" has said, I use Menthol Chill mixed with Heisenberg which I buy from
    Vampire vape online.
  16. Ilostmyselfin1984's avatar
    Aspire Pocke X, pretty basic, user friendly and offers good throat hit on the 0.6ohm coils. Small enough to carry in a pocket.
  17. seb's avatar
    vaping being discussed on you and yours today - bbc radio 4 - 12.04.

    france is about to ban disposables if i remember a recent news bulletin correctly.

    BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours, 05/09/2023
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