Want To Know How Much You Have Won At Poker?

    Do you want to know how much you have won at poker but can't be bothered to go through all of your accounts?

    Do you want to know how good a player your mate really is? Do you think he is feeding you a load of bull when he says he wins more often that you think?

    Well I have just been introduced to this amazing site. It gives you all the stats of any online poker player from any poker site on the whole of the internet.

    You get 5 free search results per day.

    My i.d. is Ftm_safc (William Hill - Cryptologic). All poker names are case sensitive. You can even search for a player and then find out if they are playing at this moment in time so you can go and watch them.

    It really is an amazing little website.…tml


    Dont need that site thanks, I keep track of my winnings...I have won...£0 at poker (Not suprising since I have never played!) Lol!

    I won £220 a couple of weeks back after coming 3rd out of 42 runners. Was only the second time ive played live with people, first time I came 10th out of 300. Beats playing online hands down
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