Want to know what song was in Skins

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Found 8th May 2007
It was in episode 2, the one where the blonde air head is walking along the college, kind of floating.

Sounds old, lyrics are "out of my head... out of my head"

Long shot, but...

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The song playing as Cassie wakes up and wanders round the house is "][COLOR=#0000ff]Cody[/COLOR]" by ][COLOR=#0000ff]Mogwai[/COLOR].
The track played as the gang run away from Michelle's house is "Right Place, Wrong Time" by ][COLOR=#0000ff]Jon Spencer Blues Explosion[/COLOR].
The song playing while Cassie is in the taxi is "][COLOR=#0000ff]Move Bitch[/COLOR]" by ][COLOR=#0000ff]Ludacris[/COLOR] featuring ][COLOR=#0000ff]Mystikal[/COLOR] and ][COLOR=#0000ff]I-20[/COLOR].
While Cassie is walking along the corridor peering out of the window, the track being played is "Aht Uh Mu Hed" by ][COLOR=#0000ff]Shuggie Otis[/COLOR].
While Cassie is running away from Sid, "][COLOR=#0000ff]This Day[/COLOR]" by ][COLOR=#0000ff]The Sleepy Jackson[/COLOR] is playing.
The song playing during the final credits is "][COLOR=#0000ff]Atlantis[/COLOR]" by ][COLOR=#0000ff]Donovan[/COLOR].

I love Skins! Can't wait for the box set to come out.

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How do you know all this? From wikipedia?

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But anyway thanks.

How do you know all this? From wikipedia?

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