Want to know what would be a fair price for PS3 SINGSTAR VOLUME 3 posted?

    As above
    I did get a copy for my friend now she does not want it!


    Return it back to shop/website aslong as sealed shouldn't be a problem.
    I buy nothing for noone unless they pay 1st.

    I'm interested in buying it if you create a thread

    I asked on the Currys thread as there weren't any in stock at the 6 Currys in my surrounding area

    If you bought it you should know it's value. Obviously people here will want to pay less than cheapest price at a retailer but if it's BN and sealed I would say 15-20% off that price. And do you know that you can't list it for sale here until 7 days after you expire this thread?


    dont know but remember full fs rules apply to these threads now, so dont list it in the fs boards till a full 7 days have passed after getting this locked

    Original Poster

    What would be a fair price?


    What would be a fair price?

    Seller states price. You bought it! How much did you pay? You'lll have a receipt... :thumbsup:

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    O.K but it was just a question I was asking?! I didn't know I'll have to wait 7 days to pass until I can sell? to the bay I go

    please close this post or lock it, Thanks

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