Want to make some music have a play? On pc

    Hi all,
    just want to have a mess about with some music programs to make some music and have a play.

    What programs, i know there is Dance Ejay etc?

    Anyone got anymore?

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    I think it's the best :thumbsup:

    More to play with music than make it though...


    Nowhere near the best for making music, really only good for DJ, I'm assuming you don't want to spend a fortune otherwise a Pro Tools HD5 rig on a Mac Quad running Logic 8 at the front end would probably be best IMO (however you're looking at £50k +++!)

    Cubase SX & Sonar are good pretenders to the throne, but both have a steep learning curve for the begginer, but have very rewarding results.

    I will shut up now,as I do this for a day job and will bore the pants off you:-D

    Fruityloops was always fun, guess it depends a bit what sort of music you want to make...

    fruityloops is a good starting point. Actually, it's an excellent one. I now use Propellerhead Reason, although I like to fall back onto Fruity now and again.

    Cubase is good - if you have good plug ins and/or hardware

    jjharvey what do you do? I'm interested in getting a job in music production? and what do YOU use?

    Once you've made the music (using the excellent recommendations by jjharvey, jah128 and Issue One), stick it in Audiosurf, to literally PLAY your music :P

    E-Jay is good and there is so many versions of it , I have 4 versions . Theres also ,as already mentioned Fruityloops , Band in a box and theres a few good synth programs too .Magix gave a freeby away a while ago that incorperates a synth and drumbeat , thats goos too .

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    Cheers guys, going to have a play.
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