Want to Play The IMDB Game?

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Found 27th Jun 2008
Ok, The IMDB Game.

Really Easy, The aim is to navigate from one actor or actress to another in the shortest amount of pages (clicks).
The Person who gets from one actor to another in the fewest clicks is the winner and chooses the next two actors.

The winner is declared when no one can beat their click count.

1. You can't navigate back
2. You can click on movies and actor/actress ONLY
3. To win you must prove number of clicks. (deatils or pics)



Original Poster

Original Poster

First set of Actors:

Nicolas Cage - Kevin Spacey

So, Who can get the fewest amount of clicks???

sounds too complex for me

i'm use to that name game...

Original Poster


sounds too complex for me

no, its easy.

No one want to play??

This sounds fun, why's nobody playing?
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