Want to sell on DLC ebay

Found 22nd Oct 2017
Hi all

Wany to sell DLC code for Pes 2016 on ebay like this


Are there any pitfall like thebuyer says the code does not work?

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DexMorgan3 m ago


How do I prove that it was working?

I've sold loads of NowTV entertainment codes on eBay for much more and I've been fine. Even if you did get mugged off it's only £1.51 (-10% eBay fee + 28p Paypal fee).
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how27 h, 29 m ago

How do I prove that it was working?

You can't, so you're likely to lose any claim that might be made against you.

how29 h, 26 m ago

How do I prove that it was working?

You could only screenshot the page when you enter it to show what it's for before clicking confirm, but that doesn't prove it wasn't used after that screenshot was taken.
I think the only way you could REALLY prove it hadn't been used by you is to get confirmation from Microsoft themselves, which isn't going to happen.
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