Want to try a war sort of game Xb 360

Found 31st Aug 2008
want to try something like this

What game would be good on a £10 - £ 15 Budget

Rainbow 6 Vegas

What game is best plus please recommend others if possible.
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On 360 plz!
call of duty 2 maybe

call of duty 2 maybe


would suggest battlefield, dont know how much it is now.. the newer (bad company) probs still pricey.
bioshock defo worth a try
gears of war
Really depends on the style of game you like. If blood, gore and using a chainsaw to despatch your enemies sounds good, then get Gears. If you are after a slightly more realistic storyline try Rainbow Six or COD. If you're going online get COD 3...
you say COD? have you played or got COD4? ..just going back to what u mention. as thats a good game for single and multiplayer action.

i like both cod and rainbow tho.
I've played most and it's Gears or War no contest.
COD3 for xbox live, price and game play.
COD2 for that WW2 movie feel.

Halo 3 for laser guns and aliens.

COD4 for a modern take on war.

Battlefield Bad company for a more humorous take. (sometimes pops up in deals for around £25 to £30)

The last three are also fantastic online, something that if you haven't already you should really try.
Halo 3 !!!!!
I plump for gears of war too. keep an out out at Game, as I'm sure that I paid less than £5 each for 2nd user copies.
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