Want to unlock iphone..

    I have seen on youtube that the only way to unlock a iphone 3g is by changing the baseband to 6.15.0. Does anyone else know anyother free way to unlock it without changing the baseband? I've read online that the gps doesnt work after you unlock it, is that still a problem?


    take it to chinese man on street,he will sort it cheap

    locked as in by the operator???

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    locked as in by the operator???

    Yeah its locked on o2

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    take it to chinese man on street,he will sort it cheap

    I'd rather not

    cant you phone 02????

    Don't change the baseband
    Ring o2 it's the best and most hassle free way to get unlocked
    Free on contract or 15 on pay and go.

    They even do it online on the online help thing.

    My contract ends in two weeks so I went online to the o2 website. There's an option to unlock your phone and as stated above it's free on a contract or a small fee otherwise. You need your imie number from your settings, I think it was in 'about'. It says it takes 14 days I think, i got a text within 2 days to say it's unlocked.

    unless its locked locked like they lock stolen phones!!!!!!!! then you cant ring o2 but you have to....

    You can unlock 4.2.1 these days without flashing the baseband. Did mine (also locked to o2) with pwnagetool.
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