Want to upgrade Dell optiplex GX755 psu and graphics card

    i have a dell optiplex GX755 and i would like to upgrade the graphics card that came with it, i would like suggestions for cards, looking to spend £70 - £125 and willing to upgrade the psu if necessary. also looking to get a nice monitor to use it with. also remember that the optiplex is slimmer than most laptops so the psu has to fit, although i dont know if the psu needs to be smaller

    this is the base unit…tml


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    Now's not really the time to upgrade the GPU with the jump to windows7 and DX11 cards on the market if you must have one get a ATI 4770 its a fast card and is pretty good on power.

    It looks as though you need a low profile card for that case. If so, you have a fairly restricted choice. You need to decide whether you want nvidia or ati and then look at one of the bigger suppliers (eg ebuyer) to see what low profile cards they have in your price range.

    And, check the power requirements of the card as Dell rarely put more power supply in their cases than is needed to run what's already in there! If the existing PSU is only 300w, you may have to budget for a bigger power supply and I'm not sure whether the GX755 takes a standard PSU, You'll have to look inside the case to check that.
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