Want Windows Vista at Best price.

    Hi people having bouight the Acer laptop which was advetised here a while ago, I then received the Acer Windows Vista upgrade.I have to admit I am liking it and want it installed on my PC.

    It has 2gb ram and is a P4.

    However whats the cheapest way in which I can get this?

    I am currently running XP pro on the machine I want to upgarde to Vista?

    I also qualify to get it as part of a student deal but anyone know wheres the best to get from at a good price?

    Many Thanks


    free of bit torrents lol

    Have a look in the For Sale forum Skippy as there are a few deals for Vista.…064

    Try the "academic" version - if you have school aged kids or you work in the academic sector you qualify - although there is no authentication check at all ( I use this version although I do qualify YMMV).

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