Wanted - 1GB-2GB RS-MMC (Mobile MMC) for N770

    Okay, so I'm one of the people who ordered one of the n770s through the recent deal, and while I haven't actually received it yet I want to put in an order for an appropriate 1gb - 2gb memory card for it.

    I think I'm right in saying it takes dual voltage rs-mmc cards which are more commonly known as mobile mmc.

    Can any kind souls point me in the right direction for a good deal? Surely many of you have been looking at this?


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    This seems like a hot deal?…8-1

    Comes out at £11.49 because of the hefty postage though :?

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    BUMP! My N770 might actually arrive soon :thumbsup:

    Found a 1GB RS-MMC reduced size card (think that's the right one) for £6.28 delivered.


    I seem to find both RS-MMC cards & Mobile MMC cards - they look like the same to me - although the one branded as mobile is £13.99, but the packaging looks exactly the same.

    2gb £6.85 plus postage


    The 2gb RS-MMC card from SVP is now out of stock.

    [SIZE=2]There is a 2gb card for £9.48 (inc. delivery) on ] - is it compatible with the n770?[/SIZE]


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    Ordered that one gia so i'll let you know.

    It not being dual voltage may stop me formatting it on the n770, but once dne through the pc I think it'll work fine.

    Hmm yeah, thats a good point, as it isn't dual voltage it might have quite a slow write speed. I may invest in a suitable card reader for wanging on movie films and musicaroo.

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    Seems to work fine although I can't give you an indication of write speed as I'm currently using a PC with only USB1.1 capable ports!
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