Wanted: 1GB MicroSD

    Looking for a 1GB MicroSD card, as cheap as possible please.

    Would prefer bank transfer but will (reluctantly) do Paypal.



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    bump 2!

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    last bump¬

    Pm me your name & address and I'll send you one out tomorrow

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    Soul Survivor;7587973

    Pm me your name & address and I'll send you one out tomorrow

    Wow, for real?
    That's really good of you :thumbsup:

    Will PM you now.....


    Wow, for real?That's really good of you :thumbsup:Will PM you now.....

    Yes mate for real. I'll get it sent off tomorrow

    awe... I posted on the other thread that I wanted one :cry:

    I've got a 1gb card as well I'd happily give away, don't need any money for it, and can send it in a container box thingy (doesn't come with SD adapter, using that on my 8gb microSDHC)

    that would be awesome if I could take it off your hands AdzyUK

    Sure moe922, if you could drop me an email with your address I'll have it sent out tomorrow when I pop into the post office..

    PM sent.


    Moved to MISC as the two members have very kindly sent these items as 'freebies' so sales feedback doesn't apply, but the recipients can choose to leave them Rep as thanks.
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