WANTED: 1TB external Hard drive for Laptop, under £100, RELIABLE!

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Found 3rd Feb 2009
I have just bought the Tesco direct iomega external hd but am nervious that I will not be able to 'update the firmware' as I have no access to a desktop pc.

Strongly considering taking it back.

Can someone suggest a replacement?

Will be used as backup to laptop (inc all my photos) and to stream films (going from external HD, to laptop, to PS3 to TV!). Not sure if I need a fast HD for this.

It would be a bonus if I could access it wirelessly (I have a router I can plug it into) - although I will still need to be able to plug in when streaming films, preferably without too much faffing around.

I would rather pay a few more £ and get something decent and reliable.

Any suggestions?


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How about this one?

Seagate (heard they are usually good) and 32mb (which I assume makes it a bit faster!)


My other option is to 'risk' keeping the original drive and just send it off to iomega if something goes wrong - sensible idea or not? Would they recover the data?

whats the problem with the Iomega??

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Big thread with lots of links but general gist is that a significant amount of them have a firmware glitch and lots of people complaining.


Might just be 'forum paranoia' but 1 tb is a lot of info to loose!

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