Wanted- 22" Frame mountain bike for my daughter under £150

    Hi guys,

    Looking for some help please if someone can offer their expertise.

    Our daughter is after a bike for her birthday in a couple of weeks (she'll be 13). She is very tall and when we were in the local bike shop they measured her up as needing a 22" frame with 26" wheels.

    The chap in the shop suggested a Specialized Hardrock for £300, but that's just excessive. They also brought out a Barracuda which he said was a very good range, but all eyes were on the fancy Specialized bike by that time!

    We've spotted a Barracuda Toro on Eb*y for £160 delivered which seems a good deal. Doesn't look maculine like many others (although she hates pink), has an alloy frame, decent specs (from what I understand about bikes). She'll be using the bike for general dotting around the local area, but we live in a rural estate and other than the main road, everything else is a hard path and as it's Perthshire we live in, it's very hilly and a light frame would be of benefit.

    We've always been Raleigh buyers from the same shop, and that includes myself from when I was 4, so would be grateful for any advice.

    We have £150 to spend and I'm looking to get the most bang for the money as the bike could be with her for years at this size. We have 4 kids, so cannot afford more (£160 for the bike above is really making my wife stress!) and cannot be setting a precent with it.

    So hit me with it....!


    For a mountain bike ... you really do get what you pay for.

    But, for a teenager (well about 99% of them) it isn't worth spending too much, as they are still growing and more importantly, they don't usually take much care of their bikes, so an expensive bike isn't worth buying.

    22" framed mountain bike? Is she over 6'8"?

    I'd be surprised if she needs anything significantly bigger than a 19" (obviously you know better than me how tall she is).

    Yes, the Specialized will seem expensive, but they are quality bikes with superb warranty support and it's a worthwhile consideration if you intend to pass it down through 4 kids. Also, if they're a Speccy dealer, they should know their stuff (hence my surprise at the 22" recommendation given that SBC don't make a 22" Hardrock!)

    There are plenty of good budget brands, too. Some of the Barracuda range as you've looked at are pretty typical of those. Also,. check out the likes of Saracen and, despite it being Halfords, Carrera.

    Please steer clear of the supermarket junk and the sports direct specials - you'll just create 4 kids who hate cycling and have a lot of scrap metal in your shed.

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