Wanted 32" full HD 3D smart tv

    wanted a 32 inch smart Full HD 3D tv anything upto £150


    Tesco were doing a 43in full had smart Tv for £149 yesterday as I bought one. They may still be doing deal today.

    yes the blaunkaunt 1....or you can go for the bush 1 for 149 too from argos....I'm looking for 1 but for the 200 mark with decent warranty ...same size

    Doubt you'll get 3d for £150, came across this while looking.…+tv

    Me to, want a 32inc with amazon built in.

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    I don't mind ifits used

    Consider getting a better quality non smart TV for your money and then add an Amazon Firestick or Now TV box. Personally I think you'll get a better quality set and smart experience/interface and updates that way.

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    even a PC monitor
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