Wanted - 37" television - LCD or Plasma? What Make/Model etc?

    Hi, OK, bit of a technophobe compared to most of you on here ! I'm looking for a new TV, but don't even know where to start. I do know I want a 37", and ideally would want to spend no more than £500. Will only be used for SKY TV, DVD's and home video, no gaming. Also, don't need a stand as I'm getting a wall bracket.
    Thing is, do I go Plasma or LCD, and what make/model? Also, anyone know of any real good deals at the moment


    some pretty good buys out there (although prices seem to have risen a little after xmas...)

    Toshiba 37XV555DB is a nice set at well under your budget (should be able to get around 450-460) this is an LCD set which is fine for usual sky DVD viewing.

    Panasonic are fantastic for Plasma Screens, have better blacks in the picture and are a little better at coping with fast action against the LCDs. Price may be a bit of a stumbling block though with your budget. (Plasmas use a little more juice as well)

    All things equal I would head down to Dixons/ John Lewis see what you like and go for it, you could spend ages comparing on line when in fact you need to shop with your eyes.

    Hope this helps!

    Forgot to mention that I have been shopping for about 2 months now for a 37 inch and am still making my mind up. As I am hoping to go for something happy with HD content I am looking at 100mhz screens I am kind of interested in the TOSHIBA 37RV555DB that comes in at 529 at Dixons with the MARCH20 online voucher but I've not seen this TV in the flesh and I want to before I part with the cash! My friends and family predominently have Sony LCD or Panasonic Plasma. Might be worth checking out John Lewis if there is one in your area as 5 year warranty on sets is a seller (if the price is right) also Richer Sounds will price match and are usually good service wise.

    forget lcd get a panasonic plasma...
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