wanted: 775 hsf without pushpins. best???

    Needing to upgrade the standard intel one as the fan is now really noisy, hate the intel pushpins, but don't want to **** on taking the mobo out of the case (tho mine does open both sides) to mess on with the screw bracket.

    apart from the arctic alpine 11 pro, does anything not use either the standard pushpins or screw bracket?


    been a while since I upgraded any CPUs (havent worked as a tech for 2 years and the only u[grades I've done have been HDD, GFX and software, for myself or friends)



    intel hsf are horrid i ripped mine out and bought a cheapish one from ebuyer, its got the screw bracket thing i think tho, but i would recommend it, its nice and quiet and keeps my cpu cool

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    i looked at the xilence frozen fighter but i kept reading the only way to install it was removing the mobo from the case. my case opens both sides tho,so it should be ok for lining up the backplate
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