wanted: 8800GT / 9800GT / 3850

    I'm looking for a good deal on a graphics card in the £50-90 range

    I would prefer one from the lower end of the price range but im willing to spend a more if i get a more price /performance card.

    best deal i could find was a ZOTAC 8800GT 512 for £88 from play



    3850 for £59.85 here:…212

    9800GT here:…e=1

    8800GT here:…544

    The 3850 is a great buy, and the best bargain that I found. You might also want to consider an ATI HD4670 from for £58.04 from here:…184

    It doesn't perform quite as well as the 3850 in most applications, but it's alot less energy gobbling and doesn't need to tap power from the mobo.

    Hope it helps.

    I have a card for sale,might be what you're looking for -…c-d
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